1950s Singapore: Chinatown Heritage Tea Bags

Chinatown Heritage Centre invites all to “yumcha” with iconic characters of Chinatown with the launch of the “1950s Singapore: Chinatown Heritage Tea Bags”.

In collaboration with award-winning illustrator Patrick Yee and Chinatown’s 94 year-old tea merchant and heritage brand Pek Sin Choon, Chinatown Heritage Centre has launched this bespoke gift for locals and visitors to enjoy and share their memorable experience of Singapore’s Chinatown like no other.

The “1950s Singapore: Chinatown Heritage Tea Bags” is a delightful gift set comprising 6 iconic Chinatown Character tea bags - the Samsui Woman Construction Worker, Coffee Shop Towkay, Shophouse Landlord Lady, Majie Domestic Servant, Mata Mata Policeman and the Street Hawker. The character tea bags contain 6 different blends of Chinese tea leaves and are specially designed to hang on the tea cup, to create a nostalgic yet refreshing experience of drinking tea Singapore Chinatown style.

The “Chinatown Heritage Tea Bags” features 6 special blends of Chinese Nanyang tea by Chinatown’s heritage brand Pek Sin Choon - Osmanthus Oolong, Rose Pu’er, Pek Sin Choon’s very own Wuyi Iron Arhat, Grade 1 Tie Guanyin, Ping Pong Tie Guanyin and “Renowned Unknown Fragrance Tea”.

Hawker New

Street Hawker Tea Bag (Renowned Unknown Fragrance Tea Leaves)

A local blend with a unique aftertaste under the signature Nanyang Tea series by Pek Sin Choon - one of Singapore’s oldest tea merchants in Chinatown. When the tea was first concocted, its creator Mr Pek Kim Ou felt that the tea was fragrant beyond words and hence named the tea as Renowned Unknown Fragrance. Due to its unique mix of tea species, the tea is said to be good for slimming, reducing blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and anti-ageing.

街市流动小贩茶包 (著名不知香茶叶)

白新春茶庄是牛车水历史最悠久的本地茶庄之一,茶庄所调配的 ‘著名不知香茶’是茶庄其中一款南洋拼配茶。此茶兼具本地传统口味和一种独特的口感韵味。它由茶庄创始人白金讴先生所创,白先生认为其茶香非笔墨可形容,故而取名为‘著名不知香茶’。此茶由不同茶叶独家拼配而成,据说有助于消脂减肥,并可助降低血压、血糖和胆固醇,以及抗老化等。

Towkay New

Coffee Shop Towkay Tea Bag (Grade 1 Tie Guanyin Tea Leaves)

Grown in the Anxi County, the Tie Guan Yin tea leaf earned its name because of its shape and weight. The tea leaves undergo a full roasting process to attain a refreshing, unique and deep strong taste that is not present in the other tea species. The tea is believed to help keep the body young and healthy with anti-ageing and cancer prevention benefits.

咖啡店头家(老板)茶包 (一等铁观音茶叶)


Lady Boss New

Landlord Lady Tea Bag (Osmanthus Oolong Tea Leaves)

A combination of fresh top grade Golden Osmanthus flowers with high quality oolong tea leaves, Osmanthus Oolong has a refreshing taste and lasting fragrance. The tea is light and is said to be good for warming the stomach, calming the liver, nourishing the kidney and dispelling the cold.

包租婆茶包 (桂花乌龙茶叶)


Samsui New

Samsui Woman Tea Bag (Wuyi Iron Arhat Tea Leaves)

A special selection of WuYi Mountain Fir is roasted locally to create Pek Sin Choon’s very own Wuyi Iron Arhat. This tea was first blended in the 1930s when many people were working as labourers, such as the Samsui Women who were female construction workers. The tea is high in mineral content to supplement the people’s nutrients and keep them strong.

红头巾(三水婆)茶包 (武夷铁罗汉茶叶)


Mata New

Mata Mata Tea Bag (Ping Pong Tie Guan Yin Tea Leaves)

The Ping Pong Tie Guan Yin was specially blended by the founder of Pek Sin Choon to congratulate China after it emerged as the Men’s single Table Tennis World Champion in 1959 for the first time. The tea is said to keep the body young and healthy and is believed to aid in anti-ageing and cancer prevention.

马打马打(警察)茶包 (乒乓铁冠音茶叶)


Majie New

Ma Jie Tea Bag (Rose Pu’er Tea Leaves)

An aged black tea with a tinted rose fragrance and leaves a sweet aftertaste. Rose Pu’er is known for its nourishing, beautifying and revitalising qualities and is said to be good for the skin, spleen, liver and stomach.

妈姐茶包 (玫瑰普洱茶叶)


IMG 20190828 9


Pek Sin Choon Pte Ltd has a history of over 90 years in Singapore as a retailer of tea leaves. It was established in 1925 by the late Madam Bai-Zhuang Dan Niang together with her son Mr Pek Kim Au. It is one of the oldest tea merchants located in Chinatown and the “Cowherd Boy on Buffalo” trademark has been its symbol of quality Chinese Tea ever since.  Pek Sin Choon is one of the remaining few tea merchants in Singapore which blends their own tea leaves using the traditional method.

白新春茶庄 – 创立于1925年的牛车水茶商


IMG 20190828 5

Patrick Yee - Singapore’s Award Winning & Most Prolific Children’s Books Illustrator

The 6 colourful iconic characters featured in the gift set were designed by popular Singapore artist, illustrator and art teacher Mr Patrick Yee who received the award for "The Most Prolific Children's Books Illustrator” by the Singapore Book of Records in 2016. Inspired by the people of Chinatown, Patrick has published 2 books in Mandarin “The Story of Red Headscarf” and “The Majie’s Goldfish Lantern”, illustrating the lives of the Samsui Woman and the Majie Domestic Servant.

As a child, Patrick loved visiting Chinatown and was fascinated by the sights and sounds, people and trades of Chinatown, which all left a deep impression on him. He is an avid collector of old photographs and artefacts of Chinatown and his passion for Chinatown’s heritage has cultivated a special affinity for drawing historic scenes of Chinatown with its vanishing trades and iconic characters, capturing vividly the expressions, mood and feel of the people and place.