Painted Cheongsams with A Purpose

For the people of Chinatown in the past, getting a new set of clothes for the new year was a precious tradition that they look forward to every year, as most of the community was poor and having new clothes was a luxury that many could not afford.

In collaboration with innovative cheongsam designer Ms Audrey See of The Girl’s Kaksh and homegrown artist Glacy Soh, Chinatown Heritage Centre is pleased to present three unique wearable art pieces of painted cheongsams for public showcase at its museum shop and to raise funds for charity and share the joy of the Lunar New Year Festival with the community.

For this festive project with a purpose, the three pieces of cheongsams were specially designed by Ms Audrey See combining different fabrics and patterns; and each cheongsam was then delicately hand painted in gold and studded with crystals by Ms Glacy Soh.

Each painted cheongsam bears a unique and auspicious Chinese name conceptualised by Ms Glacy Soh - 花中有福 "Prosperity in Blooms", 金鱼满塘 "Pond Full of Gold Fishes" and 彩蝶飞舞 "Dance of the Butterflies". Each cheongsam art piece has its title and meaning written in Chinese calligraphy on traditional red paper by Ms Audrey See.

To kickstart the Spring festival celebrations 2020, each of the painted cheongsams will be packaged with 20 complimentary Chinatown Heritage admission tickets plus 20 Festive Mouse Hunt journals, for silent auction to raise funds for Yong-en Care Centre.

Yong-en Care Centre provides value-added community services and support for disadvantaged individuals and families in Chinatown and beyond since 1996. Located in the heart of Chinatown, Yong-en’s services include looking after the elderly and low income households in the community through Dementia Day Care, Home Care, Active Ageing and Family Support programmes.