Discovering Chinatown

The Chinatown Intern Video Series

The Chinatown Intern (Episode 1) – The story behind Chinatown "牛车水"

Why is Chinatown in Singapore called 牛车水 (Niú chē shuǐ) instead of 唐人街 (Táng rén jiē)? Join Chinatown Heritage Centre's intern, Kreistel, as she goes on a journey of discovery and uncovers the story behind Chinatown's name.

The Chinatown Intern: Episode 2 - The Story of the Jade Rabbit

Why is there a rabbit with Chang'e on the moon? Join Kreistel on her journey of discovery about the legends of the Mid-Autumn Festival and hear the story of the Jade Rabbit.

Create your very own lantern inspired by the legendary Jade Rabbit! Watch Kreistel as she makes her version remodelled after the traditional cellophane lantern to celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival.

The Chinatown Intern: Episode 3 - The Story Behind Cantonese Pastries

Ever wondered how 老婆饼 (Wife Pastry) got its name?

Join Kreistel, at Tong Heng, as she learns about the symbolism behind Cantonese Wedding Pastries and Wedding Customs. You might even learn a secret or two about Tong Heng's egg tarts.

The Chinatown Intern: Episode 4 - The Story of Chinese Beliefs and Superstitions

Chinatown Heritage Centre presents our Halloween Special 2020.

Join Kreistel as she learns about Chinese beliefs and superstitions from olden days in Chinatown to Singapore today.

The Chinatown Intern: Episode 5 - KOPI

It’s COFFEE time! ☕
What do all these terms that we hear at the kopitiam (coffee shop) actually mean? Join Kreistel as she discovers all about Singapore’s traditional coffee and shows you where to get your caffeine fix in Chinatown.